The Elaria ExpeditionEdit

 As you progress through the campaign you will meet our heroes and learn how to play the game. Rescue the merchant and then finish off the first wave of enemies!

Rise of the DeadEdit

During this campaign you will learn more about skills and how to utilize them while on the battlefield. Defeat the undead to continue on your journey. 

The Good, the Bad, and the FieryEdit

The Undead have made this campaign incredibly deadly. Now they're teaming up with Flame Spirits?! Help our heroes get out of this dangerous situation!

Source of ChaosEdit

Where do these undead keep coming from? This campaign is not for the faint of heart. Poison, skeletons, and WHO IS THAT?! That cloaked figure might hold the answers to our undead situation.

Wyldwood DepthsEdit

As we continue our journey we find ourselves in the midst of a forest. The undead continue to plague the forest but there seems to be some light shining through the trees. What is going on in there?

Chaos ContagionEdit

Let's get out of these woods! The undead continue to crop up as we leave. As we approach a small hollow we spot a large man, sitting on our cache! 

Road to LuminisEdit

As w continue through the forest we begin to get the feeling that we are not alone.The trees begin to thin, light breaking through the canopy of the woods. Watch out! 

The Glowing GroveEdit

The wisps are strangely intriguing, but apparently also very grumpy! Just as we think we're through the thick of it, we encounter another Aether creature!

Mage's RiverEdit

Whew, we escaped the Owl Mystic. As we travel through the woods, we follow the river. There are many interesting things that are doing their best to stop us from crossing! 

The City of LuminisEdit

After defeating Yuriel, we are given access to the capital city of Luminis. We have an audience with the Aether, but what happens when we discover we are no longer welcome? It's time to ...back ... away...

Aether's ScornEdit

That went well. We made it to Luminis and out, but we have none of the information we went to get. The corruption that was evident in Luminis is evident here as well. Yuriel is back to save the day! Maybe we can get some rest.

Castle on the RocksEdit

While looking for a place to rest, we stumble upon a castle. This is no ordinary castle, something is different. As we approach we are attacked by creatures, some are even Chaos creatures!

Chaos ArrivesEdit

This journey is a long one, let's load into the airship. Aria is around to answer some questions and help guide us through Karthos.

Siege of KarthosEdit

Aria leads us towards the capital city of Karthos. Along the way she enlightens us with her knowledge of all that is Chaos.